Art, culture,
cultivation &
care for Australian
native grasses
& grasslands


Visit our Australian project sites. Meet the people+native grasses the project engaged. View the artworks these rich human-nonhuman relationships inspired



Meet our six stunning Australian grasses. Seek out their kin in your own locality and begin your own relationship with local grasses and grasslands



Browse our exhibition catalogue, native grass-themed essays, articles & images. Learn how plants shape worlds, care for us & deserve our attention & respect


Project VIDEOS

Watch 4 short videos about how we setup and ran
the first phase of the Carbon_Dating project (2021-23)

Grasses video feed + Sound composed using data

View some of the daily updates we broadcasted during 2022-3 from our grassland site at Samford, including 24 hour timelapses squeezed into 5 mins.  Each sound track was composed/assembled using custom software driven by real time weather data recorded from that site.

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People can’t understand the world as a gift unless someone shows them how.
Robin Wall Kimmerer, 2020