Other Carbon_Dating Community of Sites growing our native grass mounds

Grass mound outcomes (July 2024) -at each extended Community of Care site

Each for these mounds followed the Carbon_Dating mounded approach - and each had different plantings suited to their local bioregion. Sites were also supplied with the project's grass cards to allow them to conduct their own local processes of getting to know their grasses during the growing period.

Hervey Bay Regional Gallery planting, July 2023, as part of their Butchulla Traditional Garden (ImageSam Raveneau and Kaile)
Warwick Regional Gallery planting with Black Spear grass in full flower, June 2024 (Image Karina Devine)
Beth Jackson's grass mound, with Black Spear grass flowering, April 2024 (Image Beth Jackson)

Our extended Community of Care partners are Hervey Bay Regional Gallery (Butchulla Country), Warwick Art Gallery (Gidhabal Country) and Carbon Dating'd Curator, Beth Jackson (Jagera and Turrbal Country).

Hervey Bay planted Kangaroo Grass (Themeda triandra), SaltwaterCouch (Sporobolus virginicus), Barbed Wire Grass (Cymbopogon refractus) and Cushion Mat Rush (Lomandra confertifolia) which are native grasses that thrive on Butchulla Country in late 2023.
Warwick Art Gallery planted Black Spear, Queensland Bluegrass and Scented Top in summer 2023 - all endemic and suited to their local Country/bioregion.
Beth Jackson planted Black Spear, Queensland Bluegrass and Scented Top grass in late 2023, which are also endemic and suited to her local Country/bioregion.
Beth Jackson grows Qld Bluegrass on her mound, April 2024 (Image Beth Jackson)
Hervey Bay's early growth grass mound, July 2024, with first flowerings of Kangaroo and Barbed Wire Grasses (Image courtesy Sam Raveneau and Kaile)

Warwick Art Gallery: 

Warwick Art Gallery was officially opened on the 18th of February 1990. In 2012 the Gallery was extended to provide a workshop and storage space. In 2017 the Gallery expanded again into the former Visitor Information Centre next door to create the Orange Wall Gallery exhibition space and Gallery shop. The Gallery's facilities support an exhibitions program that includes a mix of touring exhibitions and locally generated exhibitions. The Gallery is a Category A facility and a member of Queensland's regional gallery network and Museums Australia. They proudly present over 20 different exhibitions a year and entry is free.

The grass mound at Warwick Regional Gallery (Image courtesy Karina Devine)

Hervey Bay Regional Gallery (HBRG) is a destination gallery, featuring a curated programme hosting national touring exhibitions alongside our own internally curated shows, focusing on hyper-local themes with a universal meaning for contemporary audiences, local and visiting alike. In December 2012, Hervey Bay Regional Gallery was relocated and commenced operations in the newly purpose-built and architecturally designed Fraser Coast Cultural Centre.  The facility incorporated two art exhibition spaces, the Main Gallery and Access Galleries, foyer, retail space, children’s workshop room, Theatrette multimedia room and the Fraser Coast Discovery Sphere, a static interpretive environmental and cultural display. Fraser Coast Tourism and Events partnered with Council at different stages in the management and delivery of the Fraser Coast Discovery Sphere. The site is tended by Sam Raveneau and Kaile.

Hervey Bay Gallery, Butchulla Seasonal Garden (Image courtesy HBRG)

Beth Jackson is the Carbon_Dating exhibition curator (Along with Jo-Anne Driessens). Beth directs the art consultancy Artfully with a focus in art for the public realm. Through an extensive knowledge of contemporary art practice and practitioners, nationally and internationally, Artfully assists artists in the development of ideas and the translation of concepts into built environments and into specific social and exhibition contexts. This occurs through an interdisciplinary approach working closely with clients, design teams, built environment professionals, community and stakeholder groups. Artfully aims to deliver projects which meet community needs and generate an abiding sense of place.

Beth Jackson shows off the flowering head with awns of Black Spear grass, April 2024 (Image Beth Jackson)