This page (and additional content in the tabs) details all of the experiences/artwork outcome of our carer in Kombumerri Country

Artwork outcomes, resulting from Merinda Davies' role as a Carbon_Dating native grass carer

Sewing the Seeds
"Sewing the Seeds imagines a future where our garments are imbedded with native grass seeds, utilising the human body as a collaborator and seed spreader as they move through their daily life. Regenerating grasslands and acting as agents in carbon sequestration.

Sewn into the garment are seeds of kangaroo, top scented and barbed-wire grasses grown by the artist.

Introduced grasses have subsumed the complex bioregions of native grasslands here in so called Australia. Covering the landscape in a blanket of endless rhizomes of mono cultured pasture. Davies explores personal and imagined future memories of place to resew grasslands into the fabric of abandoned sites of extraction. Moving through the disused site allowing seeds to fall in the process.  [Merinda Davies, 2023]

- Garments, grass seeds, soil, 5-8 photographs printed on cotton rag A4 - A1 and video projection.
- sculptural garments made to fit artist and hung, circle of soil below garments on floor, series of photographic prints 5-8 unframed to be pinned, film projection, speakers. 
- native seed heads and stalks collected from native grasses grown during the initial care process at HOTA, Home of the Arts. 

Sewing the Seeds, (print on rag), Merinda Davies, 2023 (Image Ellamay Fitzgerald)
Sewing the Seeds, (print on rag), Merinda Davies, 2023 (Image Ellamay Fitzgerald)
Sewing the Seeds, (print on rag), Merinda Davies, 2023 (Image Ellamay Fitzgerald)
Sewing the Seeds, (detail of fabric), Merinda Davies, 2023 (Image Ellamay Fitzgerald)
Sewing the Seeds, (process shot), Merinda Davies, 2023 (Image Ellamay Fitzgerald)

Our Kombumerri Country site and Carbon Dating carer Merinda Davies

The project carer in the Gold Coast region was artist Merinda Davies. She cared for two grass gardens: a small one located in her studio (alongside her groundbreaking 'Conversations with the Forest' project), and the other in full public view outside of HOTA (Home the Arts Gallery) at Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast. Merinda's studio  Interweaver allowed her a personal space for her reflective engagement with the grasses over her time as Gold Coast Grassland community of Care, carer. In September 2023 she completed an installation work based upon her experiences. (For more details see 'Artworks' tab).

This site of the project has also been further supported by gallery partner HOTA (Home of the Arts) (with special thanks to public programs Sam Creyton and Tessa Bergan) and a Gold Coast RADF grant. Seeds were supplied by Native Seeds Pty.

Merinda planted Kangaroo Grass, Silky Blue, Barbed Wire and Top Scented - endemic grasses suited to her local Country/bioregion.
The HOTA Grass mound in full bloom, summer 2023, featuring Barbed Wire Grass spikelets, March 2023, (Image Andrea Higgins)
The HOTA grass mound artwork, before removal to permanent location in September 2023, (Image courtesy of HOTA, Home of the Arts, Gold Coast. Photo by Camille Nicholls)
Merinda Davies @ her Surfers Paradise Studio+mini grass garden (Photo: Keith Armstrong)
Images of the mound growing at HOTA Nov- Dec 2023, (Photos by Hilary Coulter and Merinda Davies)
Local carer Merinda Davies with Interweaver (Photo: Keith Armstrong)
Merinda Davies at HOTA, Surfers Paradise installing grass garden (Photo: Keith Armstrong)
Installation of the grass garden outside HOTA (Photo Tessa Bergan)
Carbon Dating team at HOTA  installing grass garden, Nov 2022, (Photo: Keith Armstrong)
Site of the Carbon_Dating artwork, native grass mound, Sept. 2023, (Image Courtesy of HOTA, Home of the Arts, Gold Coast. Photo by Camille Nicholls)

Merinda Davies

(b.1991) is an artist using performance, movement, installation and conversation to question the current structural paradigm of inequality. Her work is inspired by the environment, human and non-human social structures and the possibilities available to us in future imaginings. Her practice aims to find clarity and connection in the external world through deep listening, observation, and research into the emotional and physical states in our internal worlds. She grew up on Bundjalung Country in Northern NSW, and is currently living on Kombumerri Country in the Yugambeh region of South East QLD. Merinda’s solo and collaborative projects have most recently been commissioned by the Institute of Modern Art, Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, City of Gold Coast, Outer Space and The Walls Artspace. She is currently an artist in Generate GC, an initiative between City of Gold Coast and Situate Art in Festivals. Connect with Merinda via her website and Instagram feed.

Merinda Davies in her Surfers paradise Studios, Nov 2022 (Image Keith Armstrong)